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Dose: Give six pills every two hours until improvement or change.

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Wells collected 22;i,730 cases, which gave a mortality of 18.1 per cent.

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with two narrow white bands and white tip. Femora and tibiae with yellow spots.

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Whether the power, which opium possesses of healing venereal diseases,

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in size, acquire a capsule (PI. figs. 6-22), and, ultimately, project like warts

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The evidence in favor of chloride of calcium is suffi-

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of hospitals for the insane, which are second to none

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and up, depending on length of stay, covering prenatal care,

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rupts the patient's work. Rest relieves the pain. The latter

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veying away the deposits of privies and water-closets, as well as the solid

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position of vegetable and animal matter, mephitic gases and


Chemical Composition. — Nucleoproteins or Nuclein. — IMucin-like sub-

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of the ureters into the rectum, with the presence of urine

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been calculated as not exceeding, on a large scale, ten to twelve per

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and is single (that is, there are no other nodules on the surface of the

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more rapidly and has shown a greater degree of reduction early in the

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cessful recovery from the second operation. But the first in-

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inflammation in a part of the breast, than as bearing a resemblance to a

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presence of an abnormal band passing across the cavity

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years from recurrence in viscera. No mention of involvement of lungs.

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been made, a consideration which I think should weigh with us in de-

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The object of the treatment is not to stop intestinal

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sets of the colored plates of Dr. Wilson Fo.x's " Atlas of

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asleep, and more frequently during night sleep than day sleep ; it

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motion pictures. One of the annual features of this program is

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office to those who registered last year and to all those whose

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schools and colleges, exercise treatment of abdominal weakness and hernia, exercises and mas-

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had the mortification of finding his old benefactor and friend. Sir

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of animal life. Whatever banishes cheerfulness upsets the digestion,

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may be emptied by the use of a large injection of warm water or soap-

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worthy of the high reputation of the publishers. We have

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