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in the head of the fcetus, or by any other cause. He referred
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tive. Constipation is present and may be marked. Among rare premonitoxv
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two years. The logical result of the standardization of medical schools
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normal amount of clothes, and for two years has remained very
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include pyrexia of more than 102"^ K, and the fever subsides
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in all townships or parts of counties where there was
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arteries which supply the brain. Convulsions are not infrequently symptom-
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not allowed to flatten or modify the form of their infants' head.s, that
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of all our institutions of learning — changes — not advances.
a ligature should be put round a child's neck an hour after death to prevent
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ference of the affection of the joints to the endocardial membrane ; that
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The intra atcrino injections were discontin- tonic seemed to act much more promptly and
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O. R. Aney, Wilmot, S. Dak. — The sow is fed on a thin slop composed of shorts
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steamer Henry Clay loaded with U. S. troops in 1832.
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upon the nerve -elements, and hasten their degeneration. The morbid
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periodicity in the field of epidemiology we owe to Dr. Brownlee [2] ,
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4. Concerning a Case of Secondary Hydronephrosis follow-
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ozor zeu and their properties changed. This was illustrated by reference to oil
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the same day at this time; it is usually best to give potato one day,
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necessarily always be seeing and recording remarkable instances
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From this time on irrigations were kept up daily, after giving
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They will be most apt to be retained if given in small quantities at a time,
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Plugging the affected nostril with a pellet of tow covered with
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discharges came on, with great constitutional irritation, and the foetus was
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Society adjourned to meet the last Tuesday in Feb. 1896.
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ante-partum or post-partum haemorrhage, so that no reliance must be placed on a
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Dr. Bryant has not been able to find a recorded case of volvulus
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orbit. The conjunctival wound healed promptly. The patient
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principarcpnstituents of protein present in the urine. According to Oswald, eu-
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consultation within the last two years or so four cases.
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together by a commentary which includes the personal reminiscences of
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corporated. Minerals which are heterogeneous to the tissues, what-
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This lesion has been studied by Dr. Francis Delaiield, one of the car»-