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of any metal desired, and are susceptible of elaborate

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Boiiai-ks.— This case is interesting from the extraordinary

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brain, as well as from intracranial pressure produced by

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ening of the nerve centres often resulted from the plugging up of the

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often occurs in parturition and other circumstances. Neither

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through the finest cliannels or radicles at their periphery. Should

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cellular tissue, which serves to connect the tube to the subjacent textures. It

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processes. Thus, in half of these nonnephritic cases a phenolsulphone-

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thetrigemiui. As shown by Gubler, this lesion does not

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present, and the presence of a stone causing irritation of the

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tionary, that the authorities preserved a stiict quarantine,

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other, according to its distribution, and each motor nerve is at the same time endowed with tiie properties of the

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and because it has sufficient body to form a good paste. Carbonate of

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affection, toxic in nature, of the whole lower motor neurones.

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products in this disease, cattle should be denied access to these.

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who refuse food, and in stricture of the oesophagus, whether spasmodic

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blood in the brain. It may be general or partial: in the former the

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say, there are in it traces of imperfect cell-formation, mixed with

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(the name formerly carried by Columbia) was discon-

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and suggested that if this proved to be correct we might

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sult of general tubercular infection. In estimating the size of a

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and are often entirely absent or unnoticed. There is a lack of

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fibrous tissue which is known as " the tendinous centre of

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tumors has noted only one case of positive cancer in a woman below

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other person who shall have presented to the State Board

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There is great ecchymosis of the eyelids, but not a trace of subconjunctival

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this drug; in emolionolly unstoble potients susceptible to drug obuse.

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The inspector charo^ed with the collection of samples of milk is ex-

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an operator has three or four such cases in succession,

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cumstance of some importance, as we shall presently see. The

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been rather dry and uninteresting to the generality of persons, and

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