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that were inoculated with the filtrate from vaults con-

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tion is applied to the nerve or directly to the muscle.

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it seemed that the substance was a nucleo-compound ; they could not find

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posteriorly, still darker ; their consistence firm.

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but on the contrary the accoucheur may, by suggestion, direct and

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prognosis. Early in the month of May the dropsy disappeared, but the patient

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local infeotivity and the chronicity of eczema are chiefly

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vastly superior to anything before it, and the fact, that in bringing

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JoNSS, Cap. C, 4445, New York City, Baltimort: Med. OoU., Md., March jp, 1893.

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would, in a short time, have the safest milk supply of any

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and alkaline earths, which are also largely diactinic ; the phosphates

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14 per 1000. The largest mortality takes place in the finest quarter