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study the chemical and physical characteristics of iodine and employ
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and introduce a tube through the natural passage in less time than
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the ether. It had to be stopped, and the man was given chloroform.
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inquiry as to the value of the obstetric extractor now, and not de-
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Berrell, etc. The whole of the arrangements were under the
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the operation, and no peritoneum to close off these raw
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of the organic system, or, perhaps, both, as a necessity, in order to accomplish the in-
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At the anterior portion of the eyeball, and continuous
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unreasoning fears. Dimness of sight or double vision and deafness may
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quill. It passes close to, and sometimes through the'pancreas.
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nutrition ; causes diseases of the blood by encroaching
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had described, a condition which reminded one more of acute dysentery than
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forming a complete arch, and lasting ten or fifteen min-
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vention but irrational in treatment. Diphtheria and tetanus were as yet
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and assented to by the other medical attendants, there
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that is most undesirable. Also there should be a distinction between both these
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palpation, and percussion. If this test be successful, percussion is
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congestion was of a very marked character, so marked that
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terminal except -al, e. g., malarial, gonorrheal, typhoidal,
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healthy tissues does not extend so deeply as is generally supposed. The action
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object should be to look well to all the general conditions of
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In a recent article, 1 R. Geigel maintains that this kind of reduplica-
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cants, purgatives, &c. The whole of this portion of the treatise is extremely
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yet suffice to produce contraction and consequent lessening of the size
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new growths in the ovary, shows how foetal defects when
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assistance of the Koeberle serre-noeud. Tait used as a
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an unknown part of the fat. In consequence of this the fat, other food constituents,
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far the most interesting and fundamental one, although I
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cent researches, as we have alread}' seen. This being the case, we
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passages, of speedy suffocation ; of fatal damage to the larynx, or
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cows — ^the examination of which I have been enabled to
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which may frequently undergo remissions, and the last stage
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The rainfall was distributed quarterly as follows : — 4.550 inches
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normal urine ; and since these papers were written I
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His observations lead to the result that mercurial treatment is
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and though serious effects are not common in England, yet sleeplessness'
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