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Treatment. — Koch advises the sacrifice of every animal whose blood

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The treatment, in cases of peripheral paralysis, has relation to local causes

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There is one other fact which in my view clearly proves

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The result of the provings must be sent to Dr. Clotar Muller, Chief

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tutional symptoms; while, for the secondary lesions, it

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nature of conjecture, and will be comprised under two

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manifestation of vascular lesions in syphilitic patients.

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and occurs in widespread and severe epidemics. The bacillary disease

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have induced the irritable excitement instead of the open ex-

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all legislation having for its object the control of

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but fat granules and intervening fluid of a milky appearance,

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" 3. From the inflamed pleura infective materials reach the

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tual faculties; or, their temporary suspension from excessive ine-

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about a spoonful of very dark blood welled up from the bottom

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stools. Tney will gain weight and be more comfortable than

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in each case, but the anatomical character of the injury has

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on the fourteenth day. Another aged lady, who was brought in the last stage

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seemed at first to be on the surface of the liver, but

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or black. In the interspaces the tissue is yellow, orange, or rust-colored.

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the vessels themselves, at other times^caused by derangements of the

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Minerva Morse, M.D., Research Associate in Pediatrics.

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in the hands, and most noticeable when the patient stretches them out

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secreting but a small amount of healthy pus. The sight of the left eye was

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nal for March, 1824, and the Philadelphia Journal of Medical

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reporting this as a probable case of primary tuberculosis of the en-

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surfaces of the lips and cheeks, the tongue, the conjunctivae, and

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ther experiments with the ether spray upon all local