Colospa Medicine Use

Uses External. — Aconite may be applied in the official

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flavors should be excluded from the investigation. All agree, how-

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Soap, 60; camphor, 45; oil of rosemary. 10; alcohol, 725; water to

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ihe second word, lini, is the Latin genitive of tlie word meaning

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This has been tlie same this, as it was last year, and in all

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pale brownish, with a narrow circle of white wood under the

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be presented to the Fellows of the Berkshire District Society, to the

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least, merit of this operation is the certainty with which it enables

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■or fusel oil in whiskey is therefore converted into ethers,

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back and limbs, this last occasionally of an excruciating; character —

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Dr. Josiah Crnxis, of tlii.^ city, in liis Annual Report to the Lcgis-

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and, when the eruption was on the decline, she became worse, ai)pa-

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earliest origin (the respiratory, vagus and vasomotor centres)

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Liquor Potassii Hydroxidi. Solution of Potassium Hy-

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serted that he was able, by observing it, to predict an attack of malarious disease,

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her work, are often wilfully, nay, almost criminally, neglected.

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Kidneys. — lletaholism and Elimination. — The influence of

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dfug might create shock. Injection into the jugular is

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of drugs possessing antagonistic physiological actions. For

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animals on their food ( I i.-ii.), or are exhibited in infusion.

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Allen Presbry, one of the Overseers of the Poor in the town of

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hour and a half, after which there was no haemorrhage, although the

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economy 1 recommend that the service age of recruits be fixed by law

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of a short hot pipe is believed to lead to epithelioma of the lip ;

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engorgement of the right heart and veins and the occurrence

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Dr. Osborne — than whom we have no greater authority — states,

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the stoj'ehouses of malaria, which, intensified by insufficient ventilation

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The drug is likewise an efficient circulatory stimulant iii

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brought here and put under my care, and among the rest, Mr. Corn-

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Admini-strMion. — Ammonium carbonate is given in ball,

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whereas ia other cases the transference of the aflfection ma}* be accom-

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dentition, walking on all fours, and provided with a long tail; and

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In all these cases, as in most of those under treatment at the hos-

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