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To relieve this condition, the compound gall ointment or a
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monkey, are mixed feeders. Being generally more intelligent
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rodactylie. 'Wii n. klin. Ituudscbau. 1899, xiii, 65-67. —
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primary list, or to a subordinate one which is termed the secondary list.
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Functional dual radionuclide scintigraphy with its ability
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cordingly, I subjected other epileptics to a treatment
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him. The next day was appointed for the solerhnization of the nuptials.
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past six years the sum total of charitable gifts and bequests in the
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Crosse. Wis., who reported two counts of the red cells showing
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for years to take a single meal without its being followed in an hour or two, or
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or lunging forward onto his head. Have a good bed for him to
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as usual. Using Gabbett's method, they are stained for ten minutes
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appearance. Sometimes they are but few in number, and at others spreading
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hydrochloric acid, but for the other elements of the gas-
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In reply to this circular, the committee affirm that they received
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will find a particle of trouble from getting air in with it; this has been
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was supposed to increase the appetite. Lumbar punc-
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The objects of these associations have not been simply the
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little part in sports or athletic games. In his younger days
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to learn of such books will find a number of suggestions in the
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too, failed to produce any benefit and it was stopped. By the end of 1909, vision
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sidered as untrustworthy. (Op. cit. pp. 356, 362.) The 'Journal de Chimie
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of the medical profession. The following topics have been selected for
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the curability of hysteria by the use of hydrotherapeutical meth-
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