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abundant supply of food, largely animal, and often an al-

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back of the pharynx on a lower level than the larynx.

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months, while '.VM) (n.").! percent) were two months old or more. (h''orty six,

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course of, Dr. Sieveking on, 352, 457 ; remarks on Dr.

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tions are not only allowable in this part of the examination, but, according to

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men. The value of the Koch bacillus in the diagnosis of

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entered upon the field reports during a period of nineteen months, (January, 1863 to

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of an hysterical nature, but it might have been an iritis due to

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happen very rarely indeed, and it is better to err on the

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embarrassing case — may be, I think, in a great measure, attributed

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to it. When the cancer reaches close down to the upper laryngeal orifice it

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Certain schools have been recognised as labouring under special educa-

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§ Du cancer et de sa curability. Paris, 1860, p. 59, PI. 3, Fig. 1.

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of deciding. That the daily employment of these articles is prejudicial, no one

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Are the stimulants employed of good quality and judiciously administered ?

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" My wife will soon write to you, she suffers from her eyes ;

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one man to have illuminated the dark regions of the

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is almost uniformly distressed and irritated, and vomiting comes on

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Morbid anatomy. — ^No characteristic lesions have been discovered in

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J. F. Kirkpatrick has disposed of his practice in Jersey, Licking County,