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Your committee appointed to inspect the Stevens Point Normal School

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actions to the attention of every one interested in public hygiene, to the very

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— — — — — in the heart and aorta - - -- -. " 347

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Any “No” answers indicate serious safety hazards to you and your family that should be

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means of those who cannot afford an institution or expensive cure.

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the fading of the eruption. The suboccipital and lateral chains are

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substance, accompanied by a train of symptoms which were entirely

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or follow laryngitis, bronchitis, or phthisis. Clergymen,

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ment has been followed by an aggravation of the gastric symptoms, and

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Examination of the blood before the paroxysm reveals pigmented

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mittee should be appointed to report upon the specimen.

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duced more frequently by indirect force than by direct. The

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35. Leechdoms, Wortcunning, and Starcraft of the Anglo-

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times daily, taken near the time of meals, either before or after, as choice

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Mionog., Topeka, Kans., 1890, i, 638-640.— Mazza (A.)

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bought him his first carriage, a gig, and I got the first

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daily report of the inspector, on the day following the day of service,

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was not placed in this group, however, until Lorenz gave this class of cases

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the matrimonial yoke. You need only look in your own circle

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comes from the spongy lung surrounding the large divisions of the

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.^r h\ .1 1.iii-il;ii ln.a;. in tlu- -li.ipr ..t .i nii--ilt- uv arpi-o--i-a pii-n.- of hone-.

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and exfoliates off in pieces the size of a bean up to that of the

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more delegates than at present. For instance, from the

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meningitis? Or may it not be due to lead-poison ? It is

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accompaniment of the fever. Since, however, the inflammation varied

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mental op ration is most important to prevent confusion of

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shins, the result of trauma ; one on the left arm unaccounted