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Cases of pneumonitis complicated with delirium tremens call for the pretty

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All the above were instances of a rather superficial

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into the physical changes which accompany them. But there

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Tetany (tetanilla) is a tonic, usually painful spasm, beginning in and

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vergence of the two optic axes, to estimate the relative dis-

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imputations. From Landouzy and Maumdn^, of Rheims, we learn that

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blood urea exceeds a concentration of 150 mg. per 100 c.c, the symp-

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of eighty beds, and bed-sores were not unknown." (Ibid. Appendix N

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uniformly diffused redness, with a slight amount of

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gargling and rumbling sounds (borborijgini) that are often felt and hcar-i by

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be regarded as the stimulation of a nerve. In case the nerve excitability

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various appliances, have each succeeded with some, and failed in the hands ot

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with much difficulty, using at that time the dark-coloured oil. I am assured

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showing the Numerical Relations of. Cases of, and Deaths from, Ty[

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Oct. 31st. — Continues to do Avell, i.e., has from one to two or three severe

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relative frequency) are recognized: (a) Large tubercles; (6) miliary variety;

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injected at a time, and it is still better, when the bladder

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it is situated. It follows that non-dilatation of the ureter

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later. The surgical treatment of epilepsy has been unsatis-

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must believe that original transverse positions of the head are far more

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which was as difficult to eradicate as the alkaline form.

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The difference between the elimination of sodium and potassium

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168 colonies developed in 12 c.c. of blood. Morpholog-

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plied with advantage in other trades. For instance, the

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when applied to any other kind of liquid. A drop of