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this bulb or a so-called stomach-pump. The latter is furnished with a
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under ordinary circumstances. But the same occurs with all
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contains carbonate of strontian ; and it is probably to the pre-
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any special form of salpingitis, is well known, as it is found in
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the lower extremities where they may form quite large swellings. The
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questions, he seemed to bring out endless boxes of lenses of
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In 2 cases it could not be determined whether the ball had re-
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ent physiological action. A child of ten years of age
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the same condition. The contents of the stomach, the
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obesity are probably the result of the obesity rather
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The average amount of moisture coming over from the calorimeter
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removed, if possible. If the growth is benign the patient
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tines, or in the bile. The bedclothes and bedding were also
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retraction and relaxation of the neighboring pulmonary tissue, partly
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pmctitioners of Surgery within the bounds; to cite before
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and the epigastric pulsations ai'e increased. The heart is found to
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and bronchial secretions. J.A.M.A., 139:497-502, (Feb. 19)
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dies suggested as to the further moral education of
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between a placental infection, namely, the infection of the
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several inches in diameter, and the animal recovered. Mr.
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ventitious fupport to fupply the deficiency of the part weakened or
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ly stimulating character, as with aromatic wine or dry
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At their meetings, held on Friday evenings at seven o'clock in the old '
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diminution of the prostate on that side. The patient
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Thus a splint can be very quickly made for the arm out of a