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first and hitherto the most successful example of the method of protection
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nor how to reconcile it with a purely syphilitic etiology. As to age, the
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very rare, and so far as my own observations are concerned, limited
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8. Thompson, G. J. : Tumors of spermatic cord, epididymis
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three grams, with a weak faradic current passing through the
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side. The enlargement was very sensitive, both to ex-
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time was 37.8° and we regarded this abrupt fall as pathological.
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ing three or four days will be followed by several weeks
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anterior abdominal wall, one and a half inches above
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ample quantity to fibrinogen solution, as when thrombin must be
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in which abdominal incision was done; it proved to be a pus
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over nine quarts in amount, and was of the color and consistency
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of the nervous centres, particularly of the spinal cord.
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disease it is associated in the immense majority of