Chloramphenicol Adverse Drug Effects

each lateral edge turned over, and made into a tube, in which the

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■ Trans. Chicago Path. Sac, 1903, s, p. 187 (Bacillus No. 10).

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Where there is much phagocytosis of red blood cells, as occurs

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Article VIII. — Notes of Cases of Scarlet Fever. By William

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Heroin — Dionin. — Heroin and dionin, newer morphine derivatives,

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in keeping up the meat-supply, orders have been modified (it is not

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limits the efficiency of the intermittent filter, prehminary treat-

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It was on the 8th June (the weather being intensely hot), that I

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which, pale when first secreted, became gradually darker and

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a time been the seat of inflammation, they become unfit for function,

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which are very adversely influenced by organic matter and others

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that extension of gonorrhoeal inflammation in men. Nay, so far

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penetrating power of the bactericidal substance in question.

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milk, for the purpose of detecting the existence of mammitis among the cows of the

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Surgeons are suflSciently familiar with the effects of pyaemia,

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afterwards became quite sound and settled. They are always more

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skin, mucous membranes, nose, ears, joints, or bones, or ulcerated upper

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the inhalation of a poisonous gas with swallowing impure water.

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leukocytic shadows. The cells at the periphery of such masses are more or less cone-

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muscular ; the mucous membrane is white, soft, presents no ulcera-

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1. To control frequently recurring hemorrhage if the side from which

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Rabbits were given two weekly injections of the organism of Huy, BE, and Sanfelice

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stock solution the higher dilutions are made fresh each day for

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often so early as the second day by a peculiar action on the urine,

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respects a safe or trustworthy guide, but at the same time are happy

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Carbohydrates Specially Forbidden. — The foods which should be for-

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bleach the teeth. While all of these salts, calcium, sodium, magnesium,

chloramphenicol adverse drug effects

is given in tablets, in doses of 0.50-0.75 Gr. (7-12 gr.) and generally

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clothing loosened, pieces of ice put in the mouth, an ice-bag laid over the

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The etiology of asylum dysentery has been investigated in many

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Fig. 2. — Larger focal necrosis in the human spleen. X200 diam.