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filtrates contain reducing substances other than glucose which

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to which the patient is sensitive and with which he should be

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here to state that the lung signs without the active appearances

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Lembke says, "The pains in the joints were not worse on

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the abdomen, but there was no edema of the legs. Under rest and

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the most part, however, the American hookworm (Necator ameri-

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100 gm regardless of body weight, except in children and in per-

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method at our disposal for the diagnosis of typhoid fever.

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thirteen other cases, two were cases of diphtheria, five were cases of rbtheln, in one of which

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this purpose must accompany the preserved specimen.

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hospital practice, and suitable precautions taken by the medical practitioner

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order to avoid the mortal suffocation caused by the removal of

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instances to depend upon an obstructed condition of the lymphatics or to

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Vol. I. forms the January number of Wood's Library. It is a

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like malarial fever or small-pox, a physician can doubtless give

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out the summer so far restored the patient that during the fol-

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takes strenuous exercise his metabolism will become greatly in-

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nonmotile. Nonmotile or 0 variants do not swarm. P. morganii

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But, some one will say, there is a board of charities, or some

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ology will enable one to distinguish these two conditions that

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fresh urine sediment, or tissue suspension, intraperi-

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sudden awakening ; deathly coldness of extremities ; variable

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How much of the bilious vomiting was due to the ether, the

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at his residence on Friday, Sept. 28, aged sixty-seven. He had been confined to the

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A week later, — Feb. 6, — I heard that there had been a

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mended for a blood agar base, and for cultivating Bru-

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by the directors of the institution as well as by physicians ; but

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patient received three doses of 10 c.c. each of an infusion of digitalis. The

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superficial and deep reflexes are normal. The osseous system

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tion of salts (salts of heavy metals) ; or (4) by substitution (hydrocyanic

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Dr. John Payne, of Belfast, forty miles distant, and Dr. W. E. Payne, at Bath. From