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State of New York. In 1890 State care for the insane became com-

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disease. Sometimes, however, such individuals do betray some diminution

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Ballston, New York, July 30, 1868. After preliminary education,

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The percentage of recoveries has been 50.33, the largest in the

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medical colleges as a text book. He is also the author of various

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Cases," which was read at the Academy of Medicin:;,

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resorted for trade, and in places through which they travelled.

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29, 1902; Irving Samuel, Jr., born September 11, 1908. Dr. Haynes

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investigation and study of hospital nursing and systems of

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also is a training school for nurses; he held the appointment of at-

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Another symptom that pareira has helped is dripping of a

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This is especially the case when the life-record is one of such

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velt, St. Luke's, the Stranger's, Blackwell's Island, and the

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headache passes away, there is a profuse flow of colorless urine.

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countenance of the patient at any time lose the weary and hag-

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and that belladonna (io,ooo,oooth of Swan) will cure it if any

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himself to the etiology of cholera. A review of the investi-

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sarily arise from the sufferings resulting from organic disease.

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the disease had long before been noticed. [The puerperal form of pernicious

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The functions of the various organs of the body are usually

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He received his degree of M.D. from the University of Pennsylvania

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students whose privilege it is to revel in the picturesqueness of