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fore the Section on November 16, 1900. At that time

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present as a terminal infection. Many of the early positive results

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involve the handling of hides either of sheep or of

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the spoon bringing away a small quantity of polypoid growth

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Had anyone, he asked, seen a case in which the isth-

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changes, particularly a uniform depression, palsy, and

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diminution in the caliber of the ducts. The pituitary gland did not

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(5 per cent in chlorcosane) solutions apparently had no solvent, disintegrative, or

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amount of urine. In addition, it was noted that there was some looseness of the

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closely resemble men. It has to be admitted that the resemblance is a

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acetanilide produces a fall of temperature chiefly by de-

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fever; fully impressed with the great importance of the subject;

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Yiu may find some little difficulty in getting steel and tonics

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(2) pulmonary ; (3) intestinal catarrhal ; (4) rheumatic.

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were due to the condition described, I imagined they might originate in

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Fourth Annual Report of the State Board of Health of New

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course of a few hours vomiting oecui-s. Severe muscular cramps, espe-

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pedicle of the tumour being now put on the stretch by exerting slight traction on

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outside. The stems of the plant grow to a height of six or

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The months of March, April, and May, were on the whole

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1 hope each of you will make your thoughts and actions heard loud and clear through the voice of

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primary melanosarcoma, and when a year after the first opera-

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Roberts, the Comma nder-in-Cliief. The success of the Irish

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Books like Major Hardy's, full as it is of the knowledge gained


gives off from two to five secondary branches, and these again divide several

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Neurologist to the Samaritan Hospital, Philadelphia. He summarizes as follows:

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experiments may be classed under three heads: I. Experi-

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Ireland, to M. A. Alice, younger daugnter of the late John Willett, M.D.

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lesions on her chest, of which she gave the following account:

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March, April, and part of May, when the case was left to nature, hip-