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the doctrines of Cos and Cnidus — i.e., the Hippocratic
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barium chloride, while the conjugate sulphates do so only upon
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Ireland, to M. A. Alice, younger daugnter of the late John Willett, M.D.
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that he is right. Although Comby does not regard the infectivity
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enchymatous, is of peripheral origin, i. e., depends upon an irritation
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I am led to think that after an operation of this kind the
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permit more. Towards the fifth day the face was convulsed, the temperature
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Guarnieri, in a recent study of retinal changes complicating ma-
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many cases and is in conflict with Article One (i), of Section Three (3) of Code
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become a little cyanotic. The mucus interferes with the
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voluntary and involuntary muscles take place which,
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albuminuria lies in its intimate association with eclampsia.
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At slightly higher levels the symptoms are intensified, the more prominent
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cannot be separated one from another. The number of the infecting
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sleep, which is generally sufficiently profound not to be disturbed by the exam-
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Bacot,^ however, has shown that certain species of bacilli ingested
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into this country, an interval of less than si.x months
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torted. Kromayer thinks that this alteration is merely artificially
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military hospitals prefer the attendance of the male
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Avith the activity of those who had before been accustomed to take exercise.
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ter, slow in their development. I can scarcely understand how the eye
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J. Lee Morrill ; pathologist. Dr. George C. Freeborn.
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tents. The bladder then contains after a time a semi-
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list, contact Martha S. Taylor, Managing Editor, at the
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SO far as at present known, exists only as a sequel of the severe form
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