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In order to test this view by experiment, monkeys were fed on tinned
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subcutaneous areolar tissue, and afterwards involving all the subjacent
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I case, a number of years ago, he was undecided as to
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it may be asserted, as regards the seat of the formation
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material; she had tuberculous intestinal ulceration, together with
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from one or other cause, with escape of air into the interstitial structures.
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upper half having been cleared by oil of turpentine.
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thought he was deceived ; I asked him where the bar entered,
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the symptoms then disappeared witliin a short period,
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subject, without disturbing the head. The blood in the divided
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branch holds a clinical professorship, but the subject of pedi-
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the amount of cubic feet of fresh air that has been admitted to a room
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Axid is indicated for maintenance therapy for duodenal ulcer patients at a reduced
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Tbbatment. — ^As soon as acne rosacea begins to appear, the use
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sionally met with which can not be diagnosticated except
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bom to these p.trcnts in dm j-h. < > «-i.iii, and
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the acute symptoms reappeared and subsided again. At the post-mortem exam-
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Chondromata consist of cartilaginous tissue : that is, of cells surrounded
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plied it is easy to arrest the spread of the disease in a
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years have elapsed, during which period she has enjoyed entire health, and though