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the large number of petroleum and paraffin lamp accidents which are con-

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dred, diplococci only in one to fifty dilutions; (d) agglutinated in

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deep into their hearts. Durham is just twelve miles from my home

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cPark, William H.: The great bacterial contamination of the milk of cities, can

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deceased in a prone position and again place the right

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It may be taken as a recognised rule in midwifery that no woman should be

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EchlnococcuB Cysts in the Brain. — ^There are three separ-

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cause of cramp, narrowing of vagina ; immediate cause,

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the same want of success as to the detection of the presence

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Chronic myocarditis and auricular fibrillation; acutely

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mania ; the limited effects, upon the mental and moral powers, of

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Its color is due to the varying preponderance of arterial or venous

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costume, has his right hand applied to the forehead of

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mulated matter, "dry dusting," violent shaking and rubbing of hand-

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sterile. Add the glycerin and heat for forty minutes.

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That foreign solid bodies floating in the blood would obstruct the

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Phthisis may be developed in consequence of an attack of influenza,

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of fluids left in the abdominal cavity the use of the

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occurred under his notice. In one case, complete convalescence was established

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tonitis, inflammation of the brain, and certain forms of fever.

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and the colours of roots and woods, acquire a deep crimson tint, while others,

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one-half of that which occurred in the unparaffined lot. This difference

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long and in'^imate acquaintance with the founder, and

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books upon homoeopathy yet published were all in the German

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Charcot-Leyden'S Crystals. — These are small transparent

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