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the so-called " Congestive Fever," or cerel)ro-spinal atfection which has recently appeared in

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not only of irritation, but of caustic action to the parts immediately adjacent.

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for three days, and a film taken before micturition on the fourth morning.

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size of a pigeon's egg, hangs over the upper part of the larynx and fills up

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responsibility, furthering the scientific knowledge

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Brit. M. J., Lond., 1892; ii, 995.— Ellin wood (C. N.)

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metabolism, etc., in relation to children's diseases were

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I believe it is decidedly beneficial to use a solution of gum

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sion and radiation of the fibres of tbe cerebral peduncles^ and

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accurate in detail, up to date, and very well written.

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Local Ssrmptoms. — There is severe cough, which is accompanied by an ex-

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of (Esajflunjus — Simple Stricture of J't/lnrus — Profuse HamwUemesis —

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of the duodenum are in similar condition. In hemorrhagic cases, there

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puncture was used in the reduction of enlarged tonsils

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meet and defeat the cancer- quack ; not by ridiculing his

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unless the bronchial tract is involved. After a few days, unless

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