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which was protected by three layers of thick cloth, etc. Neither driver
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In most cases the fever is ushered in by chilly sensations or by a well-
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effort exerted with the hot water bag might have been sufficient to
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having so long had the medical charge of our magnificent Lying-
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months, while '.VM) (n.").! percent) were two months old or more. (h''orty six,
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to all sections, it becomes the duty of every medical practitioner among us to report
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province to determine how it can best be accomplished. If, in
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the sick. Barker and Cheyne, in their account of one of the first epidemics,
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certain cancers. This observer ^ claimed tliat the epithelioid element of
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method of settling scientific questions in controversy con-
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Fi^. 3. — Ventral view. — The proximal ureter ot the left
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From the Base Laboratory. Hospital Center, Allerey, Saone et Loire, France
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tality to less than three per cent., and in 1,200 cases treated
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gangrene are presented by diverse and manifold condi-
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color and light red areas, alternating with yellow-
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adopted, while they seem much less liable to do so if kept
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were removed, together with the inner part of both lachrymal bones,
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of Females, 4th edition, p. 181.) Dr. Granville, in
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warm, desquamation has come on, and the secondary sore-
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calories — affording sufficient nourishment and in a form
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except that his solution is weaker, an ounce of water containing
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took his 8 pints of milk. The oedema unfortunately increased, and reached the loin.
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The lymph sinuses were distended with large mononuclear cells,
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is, in early life, solid, and comparatively small in size, but it after-
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on the tenth day, when union was found complete, and the superficial sut-
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pocket, or placed with cards, etc.. on the office-table. The doctor
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becomes covered with fine paper-like scales. A crust soon
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caine ; and no danger of establishing a drug habit by its continued