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ment of its later and brilliantly successful technique. What finer por-
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altogether by immersion in spirit. The last point to which Dr. Richardson
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bom in it, or 'if so born) not having had theii- births registered in it, arc
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found very beneficial. Laminectomy is sometimes ad-
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\, ClIMiMLI. Ill llii' i.l-r 111 -liruii..l!l\ pirjMlid Wdlllld-, tile
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the hair follicles resulting in the formation of papules, pustules, and
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opponents of the "new views," it is not so when we come to con-
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Rulison, Elbert T., Amsterdam, Montgomery Co. Original.
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of cells, the germs, are supposed to reproduce them. It is as
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sharp teeth. The flowers are blue or purplish and grow thickly
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tients to hospital. Special instructions with the regard to the ship-
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tion demands that Latin shall henceforth be the universal scientific tongue,
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At a stated mooting, hold May 27, 1878, it was voted
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"What, now, are the effects of hindering the bile from pass-
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(2) As regards the bowels, bitartrate of potash, Epsom salts, and
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applied to her legs, which, being thermo-ana;sthetic,
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Adhesions of the colon may be likewise recognized by dis-
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close range at 2. BO. a.m., on October 11, 1916, admitted at 9.0. a.m., and operated
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rupture of the uterus. Softening of the uterus was not met
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though hardly to be justified in principle, is at least excusable
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abstinence— even eight or ten days, in the case of violent mania or
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after the " en racquet " fashion, we cut the tendons and come down
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foetid odor was perceived, a circumstance which does not often occur, and
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which it is aimed, unsuccessfully, to introduce in armies
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Ledwich School of Medicine) ; (3.) The Catholic University
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tissue, and finallj^, from empyema communicating with a bronchus, by
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However, it is a very important operation, done in-
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but after the inflammation is well reduced, poultice only about
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per-cent. solution of carbolized water, and the air disinfected by
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nerve and muscle. Success has not yet rewarded the effort, and the experi-
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fevers. A draught of good cold water will often act like a charm, qui-
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The reduced appropriation because of financial conditions
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plaining of pain in the mid-abdomen. His temperature