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p. 272. — 47. Fouknier. La syphilis htriditcdre tardive, Paris, 1886, p. 530. —
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them to have the specific gravity of water, will be 0.0016 gramme.
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take all the precautions possible to prevent the introduction
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the arterioles which oppose the intra- vascular pressure and thereby
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entirely free from the influence of the nitrites, although it would not
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(2) Case for Diagnosis: Slowly on-coming Cerebellar Ataxia, with Facies
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greater or less extent, but without ending in recovery ; or recovery may
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be broken up and new ones formed according to this geographical
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often examined, and under various circumstances, yet no
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worker. W^ith a proved etiology, accurate methods of diagnosis,
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boring lymph-glands, might be deferred for a period corresponding to the good results ob-
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increasing on pressure. On examination it is found that these openings
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mate) and indigogene, were intimately mixed by trituration in
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this in vain ; especially bleeding, calomel, and quinine. In vain
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in malignant endocarditis, in which the bacterial growths and
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dysphagia ; dyspncea ; or paroxysms of a suffocative character. The
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Streptococci — and antistreptococcus serum, 539 ; effect
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favorably than observation and reading have led us to, and we fully
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hemiplegic in character, and alluded to the fiict that some per-
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are the dangers which await the visitor to the Havanna, and when
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sidering the patient's age, to operate in order to contract the vagina and improve
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T?; ,/ '*.""^' were removed and the ^osis based upon the findings of the X-ray
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who translated Hippocrates and Galen into Syriac. Of
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becoming so vast a subject that it almost reaches beyond the
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1913 (^8) Dr. Jellett writes :— " Provided that their con-
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Sir William Thomson — Enlarged prostates removed by
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