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cation of contagion, or by prohibiting the entry into the
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municated with. He courteously replied that each six grains of the prep-
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Eighth Edition. Philadelphia: Lindsay and Blakiston. 1876. (For sale by A. Williams
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From viscera from Belle Plaine, la., and Lincoln, Neb., ho^
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The unexpanded flowers of Artemisia contra and other species.
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using some of the irritating means usually employed in such cases, the
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only a very small amount of the endogenous uric acid has its origin in the
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ure of intelligence to dementia, without there being any delusion,
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the formation of an artificial pupil b^ perforating
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The remarks on crime and punishment are good, but the
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though it remains elevated for only a short time) for a
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ferent works written on the subject of electricity, as well as
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life, and being decreased in any individual when he assumes the recumbent
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cular not present except in joint disease ; it may be simu-
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raised upward as far as possible ; then a piece of sponge somewhat larger
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cord, 1898. xxiii, 476-47H. — Cocco-spirillo (U) del tifo
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other one, and then blister as in the preceding. Keep standing
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ternal prostatic sphincter. Dr. Alexander, speaking in
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The symptoms, course, and prognosis of the disease are similar to those
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difficult for a practitioner who, in an emergency, may wish to
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sion was first practised, in li92, upon the person of Pope Innocent VIII.
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added to the picture, consisting of the sequelae or parasyphilitic phe-
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It is, of course, a matter of general knowledge that the flea is one
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men in our own profession, that has caused such a hue and cry, such an
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out, leaving white patches. If the animal be caught and the bare
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accessible by reason of stormy seas. Philosophy, however,
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respirations are rarely altered. The tongue may be clean or slightly