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sion of Boston : Dr. John S. Brownrigg, Dr. William
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fifteen years i)reviously, in his experience, certainly was unique. One knew
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40 to 60 centigrammes. Its action has appeared to me«to be equal
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relief and cure. His mental derangement increased; he became restless, and
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cus, etc. But the internal symptoms, or those detected by exam-
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dry grass, and this lodging in the omasum, sets up an impaction
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Dr. W. R. Baetlett, of New Haven, had used both carbolic
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of ascites due to disease of the vessels, and a very remarkable case of general
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reception of an injury, it is always due to some distinct cause other
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out of the substance of their filaments. None of this group are known to
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full-grown child six days after the operation, made a speedy and complete
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twenty cases, and that it is utterly impossible to select the case. The
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a needle the eyelids and eyelashes as well as the conjunctiva ;
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The after-treatment lasted generally about ten weeks in the cases in
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fall by acute disease, he seldom escapes those of I
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be employed with some advantage. But it is to the 2d indication, that
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states to consider. MIST is improving health care in
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pain on palpation, and the pressure on the surround-
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yet when killed fifteen to twenty days after the Injection, showed extensive fat-
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with gas production indicates their presence. Both these conclusions
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perance man " who appeals to a " drinker" with his mouth full of tobacco.
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made to determine the exact position of the stomach. When
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the central tumor was a pregnant uterus. In due time she gave
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certain that the patients’ best interests are observed and that
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the latter. It is therefore the organism of the patient himself which
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the Channel by a French frigate, and all on board were consigned
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division. In two of the cases I used the anti-tetanic serum ; in one I
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examination enabled me to convince both myself and them that the rash
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cience, we mean that condition of a valve which renders it incapable
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mysterious plague. Even the medical profession was not entirely
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Peyer. J. de I'anat. et pbysiol. [etc.], Par., 1803, xsix, 137-
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the night 25 fr. ; for every hour passed with the patient during
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in the bladder. Knowing this, one would ask : How did
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brown appearance, and its articular cartilage was covered over by
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and we write down the observations in rows of six, the seventh observation being