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I have seen scarlet fever kill in thirty-six hours. In this con-

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A glance at the patient's boots often shows that they are proportionally

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complained of chilliness, and was indisposed for motion. The

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Northern, 8 p.tn ; I . p.m. ; Ophthalmic nospital, South-

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* Presented before the Section in Surgery of the New York Academy

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Schleich (Monthly Cyclopedia of Practical Medicine and Universal Medical

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panying the growth of the body; ami weakened nutritive

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Robert M. Huston M D ^ Emeritus Professor of Materia Medica and General

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The author's style is hardly an easy one; this is iiarticularl}'

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of the reported cases of a domestic arsenical poisoning

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experience, I regard local treatment as by far the more important,

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of the estivo-autumnal parasites; above an isolated sporozoite with higher magnifications

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The absence of any such condition of the vulva in our case compels me

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The neuritis was of a degenerative character as well as of

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in cases of recovery. Convalescence may commence in from one to five

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adsorption of bile pigment, but in primary anemia, particularly, the

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in such a manner that these become active while the

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between 60° and 68° F. The children would probably work to better

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somnambulistic phenomena may occur. These, as a rule, come on after

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and for permission to publish the details given in the text

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LITERATURE.— 1. G. F. Still. "Rheumatism in Childhood," Practitioner, January

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He had found no difference in the effects of chloroform