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a trocar into the chest of a patient ; but no fluid followed, to the
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double lip, each fold being somewhat thicker than tlie natural
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morpliine, chloral, chloroform, were judiciously administered, but the con-
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turers of Bromidia, a certified copy of a decree of
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Description. — The exotic valerian is a large handsome
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having been pressure on bhe recurrenl laryngeals, or even
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affected, and a systolic bellows-sound was heard at the apex
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type is that in which coma predominates. The patients are much
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the patients have not knowingly been exposed, or have not even left their
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of 4. Free hydrochloric acid was absent, as were also rennet, pep-
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ing to tile nucU'i involved, hemiplegia alternans, etc.
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were too far destroyed ever to be of much use, and as they
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less bloating of the abdominal cavity. There is a sense of weight
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This condition is as bad, though benign, as the one originally present. It
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(he continues) that the juice of this plant may be analyzed into
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tween the fragments of each patella. In both the operations
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In 1796 a change was made, as Dr Livingstone considered that no
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best interests of our profession, we cannot loo soon
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white color, of variable size, ranging from a pea to a
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provident dispensary, both in this city and in London.
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rupt the process of chymification; for it suffices, often, to neutra-
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forming it there is nothing very special to be said. Eor the description of
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ter like the intertransversalis or interspinalis. The influence
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around them. In some cases delirium is manifested by esoessive
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November, or two or three good frosts, that armies should be most on their guard
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from the method, now much used, of impregnation with
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Knaggs, 1854 ; by Dr. Bucknill, on ' Unsoundness of Mind in Relation to
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vaso-motor nerves. Acting upon this center, this impulse is trans-
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justly be considered the most valuable aid to the diagnosis of the
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it awoke crying, and soon refused to nurse, spasms following six hours
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we might, therefore, with reason look for the effects of
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night. During the day there is but little trouble and his