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leptic fit, the ganglion-cells of the medulla excite a spasm of the vaso-
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ETIOLOGY. The difficult question about the nature of rabies and
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of tuberculous disease of the hip joint. Rest is all important.
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possible, the patient should drink freely of liquids, avoiding the use of
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under the various methods of local and general treatment,
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tween the spinal marrow and the spinal ganglion, Axmann only found
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lavage may well be contained for 20 or 30 minutes, until all
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more frequently the seat of neuralgia than the second or third branch,
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floor of the mouth, teeth, and probably in the dura mater. Vattefa
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(6) the case where the tissue spaces in the nidus of infection
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teria. All the women with uterine infarction, or uterine flexion, or
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the back of a knife. As this animal does not give rise to any disease
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After a lapse of a week or two the discharge gradually diminishes,
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to have a warm bath, then to rub the whole body except the head,
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it has been found that the first of these conditions properly belongs
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function. The symptoms of this disease are ascribable to a morbid
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it. The so-called antiphlogistic method is inapplicable to any of
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most useful by those who have to instruct students in operative surgery.
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For further information, we refer to G-riesinger*s work and to the very
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asserted, and with an imposing show of figures, that there
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opposite side, in haemorrhage of the cerebrum, which we are at present
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large extravasations or be softened by small capillary haemorrhages,
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have been obtained, and we hope that the future will lead us to
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chest, and extend from the lumbar vertebrae to the linea alba and
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denic chancre, while at other times it develops from the ordinary form
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tration of calomel, is also advisable in epidemic cerebrspinal menin-
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not fully regain their strength for five or six weeks, it is not difficult
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tertiary character, they are generally contraindicated. To this rule an-
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day be improved and every day be more and more intelhgently
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This disease is generally a tedious one. Death is the usual result,
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meal is said to be the chief constituent of revalenta arabica, which
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region where the red corpuscles are formed, or perhaps it regulates
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