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preternatural heat and fix its significance; and, 2d, to ascertain

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von Pirquet and Schick was " serum-sickness," and he did not quite know

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this late hour it is hardly necessary to notice at length this

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mentary canal, and urinary and sexual organs are attacked more

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tion of that part of the peritoneum which lies in the immediate

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and not to the drug injected. — Berl. Klin, promptly disappeared, the patient gained

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rheumatism not as consisting of arthritis and carditis alone, but

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12.3), was equal to an average annual death-rate of 12.8 per 1,000

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Present condition. — Patient very anaemic, and general

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mercury. On the other hand, potassium iodide apparently

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America, particularly in Brazil, and in the Southern United States;

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needs of this great institution of learning. So long as the University

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rule to guide pupils, it might be safer to prohibit any attempt

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formed in 12 of the fatal cases. Of this group the cases, in which the

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tate detachment of the placenta at its normal site is a rare and

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tween the bones, or marginally, it forms a projection

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terly presentation of the subject of Auto-intoxication by Dr. Taylor, in the

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blood itself; and, indeed, it is by some such effect on the actual mass,

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too high. There are a number of reasons why it is easy

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in postgraduate study, will find exactly the courses he

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caused by these expiratory acts. After some investigations Prof. Don-

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iodide of cadmium, which possesses a similar physiological

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scribe enough to carry the case to the last resort if

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lower dilutions in diastole. He added that the presence of one-third the volume

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Lecithin contained in other serum proteids, mainly as lecithalbu-

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blood supply there is little risk of reducing the nu

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fantum — Infants, Diarrhoeal Diseases of (Index).

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When the tumor primarily springs from the malar bone it