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A central site having been proposed for the Old Town University,
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Returning to Wentworth Place in August, to be nursed by Mrs.
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which have reference to the tuberculous cachexia, viz., cod-liver oil tad
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treatment, from which he derived much benefit. After having
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abolition of the respiratory murmur, or vesicular may be replaced by
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internal calorification brings about a disorder of the
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Irregular Gout. — This comprises a nondescript group of symptoms
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remove any wrong impressions that may have been received, in
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Imt on the contrary are diminished by the efflux of a certain
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little girl, ten years old, the child of humble under treatment in our hospitals for disease
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wives to register; that a solution of the silver salts should be distilled
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"Letter on Corpulency" (London, 1863), narrated how his
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no constant lesion of the navel in the cases he observed.
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apex and transmitted to the left. Heart dilated and
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ever, its eradication is extremely difficult and apt to be long delayed.
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In the severe cases there was a considerable rise in the temperature.
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Foreign bodies in the air passages cause violent cough and difficult
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or on which the Society can present the matter to the next legislature.
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the effects of the toxins arising from the pathogenic effects of the
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same assistants. In such records, although the number of times