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our opinion, it contains more correct and practical information, with

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time, it has been possible to incorporate into the text such

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They will be most apt to be retained if given in small quantities at a time,

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lar and very frequent (100 per minute, child eight years of age.)

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part of its extent, was, between the musculi pectinati, reduced

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head and shoulders resting on the bed. In this position M. Perier made the


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(2) The U(Bmaineba Causing Quartan Fever. — This cannot be distinguished

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tapers at the torch of their great master, Professor Von

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tion ; to do so would break the continuity of this article, and indeed the over-lapping,

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place be occui^ied by cavities. A rare metamorphosis of tubercle is into tibi'ous

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the tissues sensitive by suitable media, that the energy of

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he became somnolent, then comatose, and finally died,

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bony mass, about the size of the thumb-nail, and that there-

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questions. Is or is not cerebral syphilis capable of causing general

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posits; the deposits being m lumps or beads, along the edges, and caus-

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of the " corkscrew-organ " (see p. 454), and are distributed mainly

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tinued consecutively for eighteen doses, at intervals of two hours each.

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and ascertain facts, etc. The evils from e.\cessive

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most cases is the feeling of exaltation, strength, and mental vigor, with

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i still-born child. The difficulty of inflating the lungs of a new-born child is

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'■'-■- .-^..■H..,,;.. ::;,!:;,::::;■;;::;.; "'■■ > ..,1.,. ,„

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conduct, he was always indulgent towards the failings of others.

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c. Curve taken at 5.07 after 28 per cent of the minimum lethal dose. It shows

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normal urine ; and since these papers were written I

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but he finally rallied and recovered, and is at pres-