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with a consoHdation or a collection of fluid; and a second case came to my

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These are what I term endocarditic symptoms. They consist of

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of a large group of nervous patients who have symptoms similar to

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pharyngitis developed, and a few days previous to this chains of enlarged

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but simply the question as to whether any information of clinical

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relation to the virus of typhus fever. According to the authors, the sera of

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Xonne reaction is faint. It would therefore appear that by com-

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The study here reported was begun a year and a half ago. It

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later 1011. Blood-examination showed leukocytes, 10,000; polymorpho-

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the connexions of the sympathetic with the spinal cord (thoracico-lumbar

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Out of a total of about 300 cases of pneumothorax Burnand (2) has met

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corpuscles, 4,960,000 per; white blood corpuscles, 12,600; polymor-

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in it. The marrow spaces are filled with red and fatty marrow, but in

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plements to the cereal proteins, though more so to wheat than to maize.

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as palpitation, headache, diarrhoea, nausea, and vomiting were occasionally

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by bacteria which set free acid, such as the various forms of lactic

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the modification is probably due to the abolition of a reinforcement of the

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the glans or prepuce, or obstruction of the urinary outflow.

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Pregnancy advances farther and farther, as was said, in the

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the diagnosis of inflammation, but may only show that the lesions are

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highest percentage, and 1,797 appendix operations with only 1 case.

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twice a day to the 10th of August. The swelling, at this time,

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a half years after the operation showed the same fairly normal blood

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severe nephritis produced with uranium nitrate has been investi-

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ence to the part played by blood platelets. Arch. Int. Med., 1912, 10, 445.

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disease) which is subdivided into nodal, supranodal, and infranodal forms.

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The hemiolegia is usually spasmodic, with exaggerated reflexes.

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secondary and due to diminution of the normal space available for pulmonary

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extent of the work, which indeed, now very much exceeds my

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graphischer Darstellung. [Study of the third stage of labour by radiography.]

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in mind in choosing a method of estimation is that almost any

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There were opened during this period 5G puerperal women.

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the comparisons made by Jungling, which are referred to at some length.

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that there is some special effect of the narcotic upon the permeability of the

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months before radical measures were instituted. In such cases