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New York Post-Graduate Hospital. 8vo. Cloth. 137 Illustrations, pp. ix + 774.

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with a lawyer's lettfr threatening me with an action on the

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perforation quickly follows ulceration. Most cases of

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young physicians for services in medical institutions and hospi-

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In tlie majority of instances the ciiief cause for a

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sound and exact physiological and chemical principles.

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has subsided. If the blood-vessels were the parts diseased,

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the titles of their papers as early as possible that they may

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at this examination and no tenderness. The blood-pressure is 104

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QpiploitiB (<p^/i-plo-ai^tftS, L. 6^^pi-plo-l^tia).

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among w'hite women after about age 45 years this could

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and flexors, and the deltoid. The muscles of the eyes

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The following case of appendicitis is to me unique in

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pus. The diagnosis of ascending angiocolitis was then made.

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Contents. — These vary greatly, being in many instances mixed with

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digestive organs, or to neutralize that inbred poison, upon which

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term, now more frequently used, is apnoea, signifying deficiency of breath.

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aim to accomplish, first, destruction of the germ of the disease ; second,

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subject to irritation, arrests the spasm. But this has not been

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resorting to hypnotics. The severe cases, however, resist this

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to adopt a truly scientific pathology. In conclusion,

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cases will depend upon the interest of the patient,

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(C.) A further contribution to the subject of malaria as

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invalid. Some contrivances have been adopted to render the

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equalled work will be eagerly looked for by those fortunate

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der. When cystitis complicates the urethritis, the second portion

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Of this number of cases (35) thirty-five, were cured ; (16) six-

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infection; and deficiency in the fibrin ferment. None of these has met

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phate of lime would change the colour of Brazil wood to blue, it does

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of reduction. The Mb — O — H in the presence of these reagents

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of the X Ray over a period of 148 minutes, in a month.,

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