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They are so referred because of the nerve supply of the sympa-

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Mexico. Sanitary measures proposed to the Mexican railway companies,

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had been without assistance. She never quite recovered her usual

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of vibration, vibratory and manual massage, galvanic and faradlc electricity, laboratory nietlioda and facilities for sero-dlagnosla axd

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and leave the vagaries of imaginary ones to some one else.

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Ernest Sachs. Tumors of the G-asserian ganglion. — Annals of

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Efforts at artificial respiration and the administration of oxygen

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Splenectomy in pernicious anemia. — Southern Medical Journal,

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pected to report from time to time upon papers of physio-

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Bertram M. Bernheim, M. D., Instructor in Clinical Surgery.

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its former obscurity to one of the most clearly recog-

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.1 University of Pennsylvania, 1877, and M D 1889- tt n tt •

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vision, must register at the Dean's office before beginning

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an opportunity to apply the knowledge she has gained under condi-

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incorrectness of the claim that the mosquito is the only factor in

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ance of the digestive function; rarely, however, in some form is

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negro physician named ^Mieatland in the case of a millionaire

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newspapers in reference to the alleged combination of the antitoxin

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cine and surgery the following Fall before a committee con-

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bringing back the head of an enemy before he is permitted to

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was an important and effective aid in public health

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after the last injection. At the end of six to twelve months,

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will hold a meeting in Washington in 1905, "after the deluge.'*

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fuse septic peritonitis, and those in collapse from perforation or

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Partial heart block with Stomes-Adams syndrome. Digitalis

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the corynebacterium lymphomatosis granulomatosae. — Ibid,

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