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In many instances, after erosion of the bone, masses of granulation tissue

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It is unnecessary to discuss at any length the differential diagnosis from

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4A. Course in Syphilis. — Work as student assistant in the Evening Clinic in the

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in which is demonstrated the clinical importance of the subjects being studied

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Opposition to a Health Officer. — A petition is in cir-

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contagia. It is killed by mere drying, by most of the disin-

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cavities communicate through small openings which are guarded

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Leuckart 1879, C. perforans Leuckart, Pfeifferia princeps Labbe 1896.

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hen's egg. The inguinal glands on the same side were also enlarged and

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of intestinal contents, and it was assumed that there

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relationship to the state or to local societies that may

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the sinus-wall was freely removed, a Killian bridge being left. The frontal

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^The significance of the denitrification of proteins

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opening through the abdominal wall from above will give the best and most

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cereals, especially rice, and even of unripe fruit.

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Medical Jurisprudence ; Gaspar Griswold, M. D., Demon-

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The Philadelphia Lying-in Charity. — There is some

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lished, a total of 21 per cent. Interruption number 4, along the auricu-

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thetic picture of these two officials toiling for the common

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trophy of anterior portion of the lower turbinated body, and

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Can the bladder be ruptured by an accidental fall, and if so b;j what hind

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quence steadily increases in size. In this way there is grad-

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A Medicine Man's Failure. — The penalties for in-

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Committee on Intelligence : Drs. Fred. A. Castle (chair-

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from three to six of which, according to the severity of the svmptoms, have been

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ance with its directions. Upon the whole, we occupy more

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as it is the first to be inverted, so it is the first to be restored.

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1 The tran slator is confessedly at a loss as to the meaning of this sentence.