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have thus ascertained a double reason for being assured that the selection
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by the influence of a special ferment (milk-curdling
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medical attendance, thereby creating and fostering a system of
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to consult . a medical man as soon as possible, the information
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scope, has practically settled the question. Dr. Williams has
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Fig. 4. — a. Rostellum : h, crown of hooks; c. e,
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empty itself. He believed that a vein once varicosed
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toneal cavity had been found to be solidly closed by adhesion
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The address of the Retiring President presented at the Annual Meeting
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process was then explored. It was extremely sclerosed, and the mastoid
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^hich forms a protecting skin. Where wliite or red lead
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viving its early difficulties. i covered from them, but was attacked thirty-
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plete evacuation. A small portion only escaped, for the con-
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care in 1909, well-marked signs of mitral stenosis were present.
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of contagiousness, with respect at least to the two forms of dis-
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Inman Mills on our records at the end of 1914. Exact information in
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place from gray matter anywhere in the nervous system.
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etc., in our colleges and universities are often more
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absurd. This latter case arose upon an indictment contain-
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the 1st of June, when I found the cavity of the peritonaeum