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sensibility, but of a biting cold wind, they would at once adopt
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severe traumatic injury is common in nearly all criti-
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the second period the new method ; that of the third, or pres-
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apex of their snout. The latter is nearly always flared
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V. Behring, and Boeg ascribe little if any importance to heredity. Prac-
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artery, a vessel deeply lodged, anil in this part of its
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large skylights in the roof, that one half of one side, and the
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enlarged and tender, as well as the spleen. There are no
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the head of the grand staircase. The hospital is under
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as renal amyloid was suspected. At the autopsy there was found not
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destroys hfe without giving any of the characteristic
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result. Tins would be aided by tlie ready yielding of tlie ves-
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ration, and cough, were croupy. He died on the fifth day from the com-
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truly impressive and permanent in value only when accom-
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notion may seem both plulistine and counterintuitive. I
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part of the city that will be easy of access to both
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rend. Soc. de biol.. Par., 1897, 10. s., iv, 1017-1019.—
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and it was with difficulty that any one could enter it from the open air.
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which did not correspond to the menstrual epoch before
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and until it has progressed to a considerable extent
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hospiul to be identified by the patient. The patient,
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but never terminal. This organism could always be demonstrated in smears,
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a general infection, the blood picture will depend essentially upon
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by me to demonstrate that where the technique is carefully
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If the same line of argument were carried out to the full,
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days every twenty-eight days ; good general health previously.