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believe, viz ; that physicians generally wait until the end of the year
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to it. When the cancer reaches close down to the upper laryngeal orifice it
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The disease is caused by blows, fractures, and other
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company, thirty-five were either killed or wounded. Official
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same phenomena may be diversely interpreted by persons of equal expertness.
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this disease is second only to phthisis in the number of lives which it
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More than one hundred of the profession of the State were present, and
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cock had the opportunity of dissecting the affected limb, and
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and extends backward into the optic tracts, sometimes
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so as to prevent relapse, is effected chiefly by the natural walking
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an average of 20.8 per cent. The figures referring to normal livers
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and he was assigned to the department of the Shenandoah in
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plants, suited to his natural turn for physical science.
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Alabama, P. O. -Box 1900-C, Montgomery, Alabama 36104, or Telephone 263-6441.
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toxin does not pass along the axis cj'linder but along the
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