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Dr. Travers Smith said he was inclined to think that the
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there was a superabundant secretion of mucus in the bronchia.
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stated in the preface, " that this method has been applied to medical
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Case T. J. M. D., set. 36, consulted me in November, 1859; has had a
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Mental treatment. — The arrest of attention in melancholia is a good
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teristic case of sporadic cretinism is figured by Dr Fletcher Beach in the
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explainable by the ointment prescribed not being strong
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are certain contagious forms of herpes that may give rise to doubt, and
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Stop. Cautery on focus of pain in front of ear tried on 5th. Pain aggravated.
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lesions on her chest, of which she gave the following account:
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varieties of galvanic batteries ; the last of these is the apparatus
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nent injury to the heart, \vhich some weeks or months later caused