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the lungs, or in the lymph glands in contact with the nerves, may also giv^e

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riphery of the nevus first. Some scarring will be inevitable. It is wise

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varying sizes, while the filaments coming out of the spores are cylindrical,

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noxious gases. In children it has followed cancrum oris. It may occur as

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The " reactive stage" when reached, is often marked by as speedy a re-

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there was uoi)ain in the epigastrium during the whole course of the disease.

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symptoms of bronchitis until within a short time previous to the death of

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new growth originates in the portal spaces, and the portal vessels and bile

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there is more complete absence of expansive movements during the respi-

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rheumatism of the abdominal muscles, renal and biliary colics, and suppu-

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and the means are not at hand to accomplish intestinal anastomosis,

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Transverse fracture below the condyles, taking off a portion of the lower

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endocardium, either from traumatism or inflammation, is a necessary con-

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Chancre— Primary Syphilis.— Primary syphilis is the first stage in