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tablespoonful of the following prescription: R. Sulphur flor., rosin,

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ing instances of collapse from its employment. I have

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that the centre of each lens shall fall a little outside the centre of

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flexion of hip and knee ; this condition was rather under-

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and may be free from flocculi, or any foreign constituents. Its reac-

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severe, but did not occur in the cases in which the closed tubes had

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elephantiasis," by which he means a true hypertrophy of the

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Acid, Nitrohydrochloric (dilute).— H., dr. 1-2 (cc. 4.-8.). C, dr. 2-4

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of this bruit is of the character of a "presystolic" bruit. A

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to changes in the supra-renal capsules, but they do not seem to be dif-

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Examinations.— Frederick C. Adey, Chichester A. Bell, Thomas

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circular letter from him, which treats the question in such

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radiates from the centre. Duncker and Hertwig have called this fungus

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riably within twelve hours the patient would express great

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charge, or with very little ; nor did he recall a case in

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other article on this method, and in this paper he had stated

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been tried without avail, she was made to inhale 3 minims of amyl

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cases have up to the present time been published in

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less tendency, when the liver is largely developed, to form a

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Official List of Changes of Stations and Duties of Offi-

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other patient lost two upper teeth in the injury, and did not return

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a New Method. By Ernest F. Tucker, M. D. [Reprinted

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When we stop and think of the within the nose varies according to the

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Many charts were exhibited, of which four are selected for

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I was particularly pleased when I observed the small

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! two months. Under the influence of progestogen-estrogen preparations pre-

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swept round the bones, dividing every adherent fibre, and cut-