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Tlie routine of quarantine, in brief, is : Vessels from infected ports

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sharp impulsive sounds and musical notes with great intensity ; but they

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tacks of migraine and muscular pains, was subjected

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filtrate intracerebrally. When 28 days had elapsed the animal was exposed to

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ation, owing to the potash having passed off by the kidneys. On testing the

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„ 105. — Horizontal Section of Eye, showing Axes of Botation . 1181

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and of Clinical Medicine in ihe University ot Pennsylvania.

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which showed the bodies of the fifth, sixth, and seventh

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its present state of purity the specific soluble substance is amorphous

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the Quantitative Estimation of Sugar by Means of the Polarimeter.)

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gregarinosis pulmonum, but when these were referred to Leuckart

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the outflow from the left auricle and in insuffidence of the mitral valve,

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The following report from Dr. Ball to Dr. Lula T. EUis in reply to a letter of

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of the strawberry shows it to be particularly rich in soda-

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Locally the eruption did not seem to have caused any trouble, at any rate not be-

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corresponding to this precipitate was far too small to afl'ord any

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typical of what happens when irritation causes both mental

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with the preparation used and the experience of different observ-

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from the renal pelvis or bladder, the chances of absorption are markedly

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the country, he was somewhat surprised to learn that

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the results of wounds of vessels, are at once converted into false

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have been ignorant, of the existence of published documents

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cian as a witness in court against revealing profes-

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fibreuses intestinales. (Rap. de Guiboiirt et discussion.)

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living in the countryman, with little drain on his nervous powers, would

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by abatement of the inflammation or by such firm ankylosis in a false