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Stitches in the right hypochondrium, worst whilst eating. Sensation of
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organs, the villi, are, in a very bad case, all or nearly all left bare, and
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lum, seems to me personally, a thing which should be
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N. E. to s. w. ; the proportion of Wind is 1 in 1215. The
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reasonable to assume that if these cases had been oper-
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been thrown out to explain why the epithelium covering the villi
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a state of starvation, many of them having only roasted green corn in
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being carried out this year, excellent work has been done in all the nine
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impaired facility in attending to them ; if such a man becaine
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On the 2nd of March 1889, Murphy of Chicago performed his first
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emergency, or, indeed, any emergency requiring it to be
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to the surgeon -general of the United States Marine-
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enza teaches us that, they are due partly to neuritis, partly to cere-
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few days. At any rate, the protrusion confirms the view that there is
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reasonably open with some mild physic, as Cream of Tartar and
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the common acceptation of the term — ^it is rather an
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From viscera from Belle Plaine, la., and Lincoln, Neb., ho^
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the nose this fluid, which gives the smart or sting from the bite ; as it
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all those instances in which the parasites were demon-
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mucous surfaces : epistaxis ; hromatemesis ; intestinal haemorrhage ;
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i- KE white indurations of organs are easily recognized at first
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Instead of morphine, cocaine (gr. ^) may be added to each
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effect desired. — G. A. Hulett, M. D., Kansas City,
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drachm is administered, but each succeeding dose was increased by half a drachm or a
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tunity that presents, to offer my best thanks to the council of the society, in
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tain suggestions, one of which was that we should begin by
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furnish are most characteristic. Two blows with the hammer are gene-
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a A Handbook of Uterine Therapeutics. By E. J. Tilt, M.D. 3rd Edition.
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professional conscience. Hastings Law J 1993; 44:1241-89.
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aggregated masses of cylindrical epithelium of a gray color. The liver contained no sugar,
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dered a tiaie of unusual freedom from sickness. Physicians had little or
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Physiology in the University of Paris. Paris, France.
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which would cause it to undergo necrosis and cause the patient
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'■ Hardouin: Presse Medicale, Dec. IS. 1915, No. 62.
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