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of calomel, followed by a saline, and then small doses of the alkalies, largely diluted,
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far as proper the superficial soft parts of the thigh
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introducing it for general surgical purposes, on account of
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The following case of appendicitis is to me unique in
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" The presence of a large quantity of pus in a tubercular empyema
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One wonders whether these ingredients are all to be
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more or less clear history of the past occurrence of inflammation of one
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and from six to ten inches in length. Placing the strips on a
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marks for the enemy. The maximum proposed is six feet three inches.
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value of blood-pressure readings; but, inasmuch as tiie interpreta-
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Diagnostic Significance of Subfebrile Temperatures.
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by the baling process. There is no reason why it should. I can not
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especially advised on the acute cases of empyema before encap-
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trust our friends will aid us all they can, by endeavoring to extend our
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loop of the intestine passing down into the inguinal canal — the
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the back and the peripheral pain are to be referred to the irritation of
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quick; the expectoration abundant and offensive, and colliquative
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to suggest that any station in life showed a special influence. The patients
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thwaite, of this city, at the Annual Banquet of the
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saving his life. The boy positively refused to sub-
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We have thus brought before our readers a great variety
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gerous in diseases as too much. Total and sudden abstinence
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lately brought under the notice of Parliament. This
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adults. The misery of these unfortunate persons is increased by their
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amining a medical case at the same time, a I arrived at the sciatic nerve. lie was puz-
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skull there can be no idea of strengthening a weak bone in the distribution
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also so-called modified sweat-glands from the circumanal and the axillary