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to enforce the quarantine. The imperfections of strict isolation by the

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vomiting, &c.; that the intestines were not thickened,

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But I am confident that the danger of haemorrhage is less with

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tina' is the cause of scarlet fever. This organism is a new

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etary remedies containing alcohol in various percentages.

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this dutj-, and I could not rel'use the opportunity to offer my sincere tribute

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land its cargo and passengers at any port of the United States

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interval to less than 0.04 of a second or the presence of a Vs-As

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progress— where vice and dissipation and all manner of

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In these times of uncertain economic forces and rapidly advancing

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Frognasis. — This is always very bad. The duration of the disease is

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sician who discovered an angular curvature of the spine,

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it is only when they are at the same time subjected to

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the study of Medicine at Edinburgh University in November 1849,

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nation of all the great teachers in the diti'trent schools of the

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more help. Fortunately there is a program emerging out

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recent is very bitter, the roots more so than the leaves. By drying, the bitter-

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General Assembly for the establishment of a State vaccine

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unprincipled wiien we are rot permitted to know any thing of their prac-

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the better class of physicians of the day, and does not

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Dr. Hawes exhibited a very fine sample of the granular or

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oesophagus. It must, however, be admitted that the act of

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remote, according to the power required ; thus the force was easily regulated.

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Arrangement of Theory and Description in a Course of Inor-

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fluid, and the perivascular lymph-spaces are also well filled with fluid,

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treated when acquired, than when it proceeds from an hereditary

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Dr. StClair Thomson, President of the Section, in the Chair.

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in cattle or sheep through the injection of attenuated cultures, in ac-

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The interval from the introduction of the poison into the system and

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to phenolphthalein. Here the circular, white colonies, always

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It may be taken as a recognised rule in midwifery that no woman should be

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preceding publication. General and classified advertising rates

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reporting on the progress of battle, were sometimes prone to

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their secretary, whose minute book begins on 23rd January,

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9. Gargarisms are used either to alleviate, repress, or facilitate the evacuation

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" 4. Finally, modern times possess in statistical observa-

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used for a long operation ; but so little ether is used by

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employs iodide of potassium occasionally. — London Medical Record^ March 15,