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ternal organ, the local character of the original tu-
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Fujtus, influence of mother on, 131 ; action of ergot on,
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For such gifts our profession offers no scope. Dis-
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of degeneration. In the slightest degree they were somewhat swol-
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cyanosis of the face betrays the character of the disease. In bad
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with recommending one of the remedies prescribed by
amantadine (symmetrel or lysovir)
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points, the lecturer indicated that the conservative
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diseases occur, implying either new conditions of cir-
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but of dilatation. Dilatation is the first sign of heart failure. When
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midwifery, or of researches in pathological anatomy,
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perchloride of iron which had become almost colour-
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issues generally palliate the symptoms, but frequently
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inflnence of prior healthiness upon the production of
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patients from a distance, as it were, to hearing the
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Michael, John, Esq., Assistant-Surgeon Kojal Artillery, at Wool-
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the callosities which were exposed when the incision
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with it the iris, lens, and a portion of the choroid —
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should be more so when the disease ha" been confined
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tion, and, if possible, be acted upon ; and, further,
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never have denied, that, in appropriate cii'cumstanees,
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be accounted for by other causes than the efficacy of
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record of careless expei-iments like those at the Cai--
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loped pustules were formed ; and from these, on De-
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tomed avocations ; and the physician dismissing his
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impossible. Professor Fischer, therefore, resolved to
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tient to take a dose of opening medicine, to apply a,
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for associates in Wales attending the annual meeting,
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over the sanitary state of towns, and to act accord-
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water-closets and lavatories have also windows on all
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account of the Edinburgh Infu-mary. It will be seen
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earliest form of development. Its value to the organ
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with the fingers long, especially the forefinger, the
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often the diseases have been named at hazard after a
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the senile changes of advanced life, which play a more or less im-
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tumours in the presence of fluid, in the absence of
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was much dilated, so that the difficulty arose from no
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rodoiy must be treated, like cholera, by very active repressive mea-
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sion was the presence of representatives in the House
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muscle. So long as the action of the heart continues strong, the
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there being found to be any serious effects arising