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the full, and resisting pulse, that is always observed, until sweat-

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anemia, lues, and hemolytic jaundice resemble pathologically the cases

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cases and the general results obtained in all of the cases were as follows:

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during his illness suffered from vomiting. On the 1st of March he took

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rough dissection by Professor Owen of the brain of gorilla, which

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Canupp, Dr. Robert Tuttle, Dr. Parker R. Beamer, Mrs. Edna Berry, Dr. Robert W. Vance.

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instituting a qualification in state medicine. As a department

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pound, 80 the several animal forms may remain fixed till the

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great irritability and tendency to vomit, as well as the absolute

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practise Medicine or Surgery in the colony or foreign country where such

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eases, in the aged, and in the course of chronic diseases which occasion gene-

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or portal veins, the occurrence of Leisehmann-Donovan bodies, the ac-

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of De Kalb county met at De Kalb. May 30, and organized this

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tion, although 1 was unable to make out exactl}' the

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By referring to Dr. Burrall's work on "Asiatic Cho-

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in 20. The stools varied from 2 to 9 in 24 hours ; were in most

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adenomatous tumour arising in the posterior fornix, wliich lie bad mentioned

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sistency to the scalp and face, here they should be replaced by milder

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and all other cases wiieic i..^.„ ..^. .--- „„{:„„ t use

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returned to take off my bandage, and learned that the woman was seven

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whose clinic the case was reported), in an inflamma-

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from any other cause, should reduce suddenly the powers of

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the treatment, and I felt justified in my view that the

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Dr. John Hirschboeck, dean of the school of medicine,

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in a little water, until it is quite smooth. Another for

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the varied tones of conversation or music ; just as certain differences of

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quantities should not be used The ether injection may, in certain

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ment or recovery. Such improvement has occurred in’