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LongUsimws Dovsi, Llandudno.— The following lines were composed on the

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especially indolent and atonic ulcers, were smeared


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tion of the Jardin dcs Plantes under the bold genius of

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Then follows a brief account of dysentery, as it has occurred, epidemically,

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man, aged forty-one years. Three years previously Loreta's

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';,""■"■"""•""' '' ■'■"■■I""-. -Ki.-.u,.j.,„., u ,i„.

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production, which toxin, also like Diphtheria, leaves the site

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of the seamen improved strikingly. Scurvy, typhoid fever,

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shooting through the back. He takes his food quite warm, being

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other hand, before the latter results take place. In a fatal case, which

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This is nothing but a meeting of county societies; it shows in its meeting

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Dakota, Montana, Idaho and Washington. In 1900 he moved to Los Angeles,

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first and calories and percentages later. He had tried

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quarter to an inch and a third behind the urethra, a little on the left

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bone of an asses head in a skin is also a good periapt.

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difficulty with the bowels. She constantly required to take medicine

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shell shock without visible injury there are other factors at

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Partial list of graduates who have received appointments in

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system. In all these diseases we have to contend with a poison.

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uterus. This diagnosis was made chiefly upon the very interesting

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tion and operations of such an imperial board of examiners.

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attached the ends of all the silk threads, both from the peritoneal wound

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march from "Sergeant Kitty" by Pellettieri's orchestra. Rev. W. M.

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Fifty thousand dollars has been given to the College of Phy-

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The sulphur and phosphorus of the proteids, for example, become oxi-

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quickly absorbed, and is replaced by fibrous tissue, without ossification

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show of desire to resist an attendant, the door of a cell or

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in articular cartilage, ' Edin. Monthly Journal,' .Sept., 1851. — Ed.

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Reports from other places indicate good health. —

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ji - I'ini. lit lii^li i\|il(i-i\L v\liirl: 1 I iKiiMii.! tl-.c kiict-jnint .in-l i;j lie lu ri.^1

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neither stand, nor walk, and ultimately his limbs become entirely motion-

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esting one, including as it does the following subjects :

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