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5.— See American Medicine, Vol. V, No. 20, p. 782.
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difficult, indeed impossible, to explain why at certain points in
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But boys are born morally deficient, while developing a fair amount of m-
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Fig. 5. Changes in pulse rate and temperature of the body during a bicycle ride of one
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Treatment.-— J'/ie Attack. — Hot fomentations. Morphine
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and life, is subject to fixed and immut;»ble laws, which lie
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3,000 revolutions a minute. At the end of such, a period the
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Gen Bliss' Off SGO, "Util of MCs in ZI" (19) #1. (2)
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permissible unless they are almost detached. It is best to avoid their
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ly found in the chronic cases with mild general dis-
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Phila., 1885, xxi, 201-211. Also, Reprint.— Moore (S. W.)
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About one hour and thirty-five minutes after execution, the
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Still greater complexity is caused by the combination, in the same tumoiu',
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than in large and adult ones. All the authors quoted agree that
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tender, and loud rumbling noises could be heard in it by any one near
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Ijrint. — fyippiiicott (J. A.) Our public inaiitutions as
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est care was taken at every step of the operation to
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in large towns, of visiting physicians and surgeons
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the d^eneration plays in producing the train of symptoms ; so that a
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xxiy, 314.— Kosniovski (I.) K etiologii kazarmennikh